Guru Rinpoche Eight Manifestation of Padmasambhava Thangka


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 Tibetan Thangka painting depicting  Eight Manifestation of Padmasambhava is perfect for various home décor ideas! This 100% hand-drawn Thangka painting made in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal can be decorated as an elegant and eccentric wall hanging in your home or office being a centerpiece of attention. It can also be placed on your family altar for meditation purposes as well as spiritual and emotional healing, attracting benevolent energy of the Tibetan Buddhist art. 

  • Fine Quality Thangka
  • Dimensions: 84 x 60 cm 
  • Materials: Dust Of Gold With Tibetan Colors mixed with Hide Glue
  • Canvas: Organic Cotton
  • Origin: Nepal
  • Hand Painted In Nepal

The Eight Manifestations of Guru reflect his ability to appear according to different needs and demands. In fact, they are called in Tibetan Guru Tsen Gye, the eight ‘names’ of the Guru, each manifestation demonstrates a different principle.

Eight Manifestations Of Guru

The Guru Rinpoche has eight forms according to Buddhist mythology.

The painting reveals the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche and the eight principle forms assumed by Guru Rinpoche at different points in his life.

Padmasambhava is said to have taken eight forms or manifestations representing different aspects of his being wrath, pacification, According to Rigpa Shedra, the eight principal forms were assumed by Guru Rinpoche at different points in his life. The Eight Manifestations of Padmasambhava belong to the tradition of the Revealed Treasures

Guru Orgyen Dorje

Chang The vajra-holder, shown dark blue in color in the attire of the Sambhogakaya. Depicted in union with consort.

Guru Shakya Senge

Guru Shakya Senge of Bodh Gaya, Lion of the Sakyas, who learns the Tantric practices of the eight Vidyadharas. He is shown as a fully ordained Buddhist monk.

Guru Pema Gyalpo

Guru Pema Gyalpo of Uddiyana, the Lotus Prince, king of the Tripitaka. He is shown looking like a young crowned prince or king.

Guru Pema Jungne

Guru Pema Jungne Lotus-arisen, the Saviour who teaches the Dharma to the people. He is shown sitting on a lotus, dressed in the three robes of a monk, under which he wears a blue shirt, pants, and heavy Tibetan boots, as protection against the cold.

He holds the diamond-scepter of compassionate love in his right hand and the yogi’s skull-bowl of clear wisdom in his left.

He has a special trident called khatvanga of a wandering Yogi and wears on his head a Nepalese cloth crown, stylistically designed to remind one of the shapes of a lotus flower. Thus he is represented as he must have appeared in Tibet.

Guru Loden Chokse

Guru Loden Chokse of Kashmir, the Intelligent Youth, the one who gathers the knowledge of all worlds. He is shown in princely clothes, beating a hand-drum and holding a skull-bowl.

Guru Nyima Ozer

Guru Nyima Ozer the Sunray Yogi, who illuminates the darkness of the mind through the insight of Dzogchen. He is shown as a naked yogi dressed only in a loin-cloth and holding a Khatvanga which points towards the sun.

Guru Dorje Drolo

Guru Dorje Drolo, the fierce manifestation of Vajrakilaya (wrathful Vajrasattva) known as “Diamond Guts”, the comforter of all, imprinting the elements with Wisdom-Treasure.

Guru Senge Dradog

Guru Senge Dradog of Nalanda University, the Lion of Debate, promulgator of the Dharma throughout the six realms of sentient beings. He is shown in a very fierce form, dark blue and imitative of the powerful Bodhisattva Vajrapani, holding a thunderbolt scepter in one hand and a scorpion in the other.

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Guru Rinpoche Eight Manifestation of Padmasambhava Thangka

Guru Rinpoche Eight Manifestation of Padmasambhava Thangka

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