Tibetan Thangka Secrets

Tibetan Thangka Secrets

Historical Meaning

Tibetan Thangkas are the symbolization of Tibetan Buddhist Art. It is believed that Lord Gautam Buddha first suggested drawing the art as an inscription for a code of conduct. There is a great religious belief regarding Thangkas.  According to Buddhist clinicians, Thangkas can bring positive energy because they are energetically charged and are also used as a spiritual medium to get wealth and peace. It is also believed that having those Tibetan Thangkas will protect the owners from all of the negative violations around them. 

Painting Technique

Tibetan Thangka is best in every possible way from other contemporary art forms. The skills and patience to create this art are truly remarkable. The main difference between other traditional arts and Tibetan Thangka is the motivation and the cultural belief. The art of these masterpieces is not what you plan one day and execute, it is a skillful meditative practice and dedication. You can only art if you feel the value inside you, the energy, and the meditative power towards your soul. 

Unique Materials

The Thangkas are so precious for a reason. Do people want to know how the paint of Tibetan Thangka is made?
The paint is derived from

  • Crystals, Pearls, Coral, Cinnabar, Sulfur, Malachite, Lapiz Lazuli, etc
  • Plants Materials
  • Precious and Semi-precious Natural Minerals

All the materials that are used to create those Masterpieces are of higher quality and well known for their power and healing properties. Pioneers believe that those materials help enhance the flow of energy around us.

Energetic Qualities

Thangkas Symbolize purity. Creators use pious geometry to create perfect geometrical shapes and appreciative attention. This is to believe that the Thangkas bring purity to home. Many types of research are conducted and lots of experts studied the flow and momentum of flow of energy of Thangkas.

Different philosophers proposed different concepts but there is an ancient Chinese science of harmony and prosperous living, Feng Shui. which tells that keeping the right piece of art is the best way to eradicate negative energy.
Different people come with different conclusions and beliefs, but the fact is if you can see any art as per your perception.

These Beautifully made, artistic legendary masterpieces of Tibetian Thangkas can be a major attraction of your house and will bring peace towards you.

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