108 Beads Mala Online

108 Beads Mala Online

The 108 bead mala is one of the important things in Tibetan culture. Buddhists use 108 beads mala for meditation and other rituals propose. You can purchase Beads Mala Online from Nepal's best e-commerce platform Atr of Tibet. It is a unique mala bead having 108 beads put together. Monks use such mala for meditation. It very helps full in meditation for tracking your breadth to engaging a long time in meditation.

108 has its own spiritual and cultural importance in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Here are some importance of 108 in Hinduism and Buddhism.

  • The span from the earth to the Sun is "108" times the diameter of the Sun.
  • The Sun is "108" times the diameter of our Earth.
  • In Vedic astrology, we use nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, North node Rahu, and south node Ketu). These are called the Nava Graha. There are the 12 signs of the zodiac (Aries to Pisces). Nine multiplied by 12 equals 108.

 Where to Buy Authentic Mala Beads?

There are lots of websites and social media groups to sell 108 beads mala online but be careful with spam. You can find 100% authentic mala beads at We provide authentic mala beads delivered all around the world. Do not confuse it is also called Mantra beads, and Japa mala beads. 

How to use 108 Mala Beads?

108 mala beads are specially used for meditation and daily rituals by Buddhist monks. It helps concentration. You just count one bead per chanting during meditation or jap. You should use two fingers (Middle Finger and Thumb) for counting beads. 

Price of 108 Mala Beads

Art of Tibet provides 108 mala beads at a pretty affordable price. Our minimum price for prayer mala is $59 only. Here are some frequently sold mala beads.


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