Where to Buy Thangka Painting

Where to Buy Thangka Painting

Thangka is a Silk painting and weaving, normally showing a Buddhist god, acclaimed scene, or a mandala. The Thangka Painting is totally different than ordinary painting. It is a piece of picture which is painted on silk. Good amount of dedication and hard work is must for Thangka Paintings. Thangkas are the true Art of Religion. 

Actually like any Buddha picture, divinity thangkas are viewed as sacred articles and offer incredible gifts to their environmental factors and the conscious creatures inside. God thangkas are vital to specialists, particularly to numerous Buddhist wanderers for whom sculptures would be simply too massive to even consider going with.

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Once you are upto what Thangka is, I am sure you want to shop them online. There is problem to buy Thangka Paintings as we can not find genuine and authentic seller. However, there are some companies who produce and sell Thangka Online. 

Art of Tibet is one of the Authentic Thangka Painting Supplier in Global Market. You can buy Thangka Painting in Kathmandu, Nepal from our official store.

Why Art of Tibet to Buy Thangka in Nepal


The craft of making Thangka Painting addressing Gods, Goddesses, Buddhas, mandalas and images ought to be tough art. The significance of each progression to make such craftsmanships is urgent and we approach the production of our masterpieces concurring the conventional methods, with commitment and profound dedication.

We don't sell modest quality canvases or prints since it is our assessment that there is a worth in the workmanship that we practice that is holy.

By visiting our online thangka store and exhibition you will discover wide scope of Tibetan Mandala, Hindu and Buddhist thangka artistic creations.

How to Buy Thangka​_

Once you make sure where to Buy Thangka Painting in Nepal, it's easy to proceed How to. You can choose the best Thangka Art you love like Wheel of Life, Buddha Medicine, Buddha Shakti or Kalachakra. Then click on Add to Cart - Click on Checkout - Fill the Form - Make Payment - Your Order for Thangka is placed. Once we receive your order we provide free shipping of Thangka Art to your doorstep. 

Hence, next time if you have queries Where to Buy Thangkas? Then directly jump to and place your order. Its easy and fast to get authentic Thangka at Best Price from Art of Tibet.


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