Meditation - Is it for me?

Meditation - Is it for me?

Whenever we hear the term "Meditation", we think this of Buddhist Work(not ours). Which is totally wrong. Yeah, some of we believe Meditation is for anyone. For those who think is Meditation for me? This blog will enforce you to. Let me make you clear Meditation is not task, but it is the state of mind where you don't do any task. Just make your mind empty. Keep two things in mind - I am nothing and I have to do nothing.

Benefits of Meditation

If I go on writing the benefits of Meditation, it will not be completed in a Book too. Here are some of the major benefits of Meditation.

  • Just few days of training Meditation increases your Focus and Attention in doing task at hand.
  • Meditation along with some Breathing Exercise can keep you calm from anxiety as well as stress.
  • The problem of aging brain can also be reduced by daily Meditation and Exercises
  • It also provides Emotional Intelligence of handling tolerance and increases patience level
  • Meditation helps in Increasing imagination and creativity

These are only few benefits you can get from meditation. I think these 5 already pumped you up for Meditation. There are various ways you can meditate with. You can use Thangka Painting, Prayer Beads or Singing Bowl to keep yourself focused and practice Meditation. However, you can do it without anything as well. 

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It is always better to use materials to keep you focused. You can refer to YouTube videos for practicing Meditation using Thangka or Beads.

Types of Meditation

1. Guided Meditation: In guided Meditation, as name suggests, you are guided for some teacher to do certain task and keep you in phase of Meditation. 

2. Mantra Meditation: In Matra Meditation, you keep on chanting matras to keep yourself focused on. 

3. Yoga as Meditation: You practice various Yoga Art form for Meditation basically the Breathing Exercises.

Starting the Meditation

Although I have been practicing meditation for so long, it still takes time for me to get in form. So, don't worry if you can't focus today. Don't judge your meditation skills, which may only increase your stress. Keep on practicing. Keep in mind, for instance, that it's common for your mind to wander during meditation. 

Meditation is something everyone can do to improve their mental and emotional health. You can do it anywhere. Buy Authentic Thangkas, Mala Beads and enjoy your meditation.


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