Mala & Prayer Beads

Mala beads are a great tool to use during meditation practice or wear as a spiritual reminder.  Our collection features a wide variety of wrist malas and 108 beads mala necklaces that are handmade in our own studio. Each one is full of its own special meaning and unique properties.
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Tiger Eye Mala
Regular price€115,95€76,95
    Tibetan Turquoise Elevate The Mind Mala
    Regular price€153,95€86,95
      Tiger Eye Bracelet
      Regular price€67,95€38,95 - €45,95
        Onyx Confidence Mala
        Regular price€134,95€78,95
          Lava Stone with Tiger Eye Guidance and Wisdom Mala
          Regular price€134,95€82,95
            Strength Bracelet
            Regular price€67,95€40,95
              Rhodochrosite The Heart Chakra Mala
              Regular price€143,95€79,95
                Obsidian Negativity Blocking Mala
                Regular price€143,95€87,95
                  Labradorite Stone Of Transformation Mala
                  Regular price€115,95€81,95
                    Sandalwood Spiritual Scent Mala
                    Regular price€100,95€71,95
                      Jade Healing Mala
                      Regular price€124,95€81,95
                        Aventurine Stone of Prosperity Mala
                        Regular price€134,95€81,95
                          Lapis Third Eye Chakra Mala
                          Regular price€124,95€83,95
                            Amethyst Clarity Of Mind Mala
                            Regular price€115,95€83,95
                              Obsidian Negativity Blocking Bracelet
                              Regular price€67,95€52,95
                                Rhodochrosite The Heart Chakra Bracelet
                                Regular price€71,95€52,95
                                  Tibetan Turquoise Elevate The Mind Bracelet
                                  Regular price€81,95€54,95
                                    Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet
                                    Regular price€71,95€52,95
                                      Onyx with Om Mantra Carving Bracelet
                                      Regular price€94,95€62,95
                                        Rainbow Moonstone Energy Of The Moon Mala
                                        Regular price€124,95€73,95
                                          Rose Quartz Happiness Mala
                                          Regular price€124,95€78,95
                                            Tourmaline Detoxification Mala
                                            Regular price€124,95€78,95
                                              Moss Agate Wealth Mala
                                              Regular price€143,95€81,95
                                                Rudraksha Mala with Labradorite Pendant
                                                Regular price€115,95€76,95
                                                  Lotus Seed Mala
                                                  Regular price€105,95€78,95
                                                    Onyx with Om Mantra Carving Mala
                                                    Regular price€143,95€93,95
                                                      Citrine Sunshine Mala
                                                      Regular price€115,95€78,95
                                                        Obsidian With Hematide Grounding Bracelet
                                                        Regular price€81,95€53,95
                                                          Onyx with Tiger Eye Divider Bracelet
                                                          Regular price€67,95€43,95
                                                            Red String Evil Eye Protection Charm Bracelet
                                                            Regular price€52,95€33,95
                                                              Blue Tiger Eye Mala
                                                              Regular price€143,95€81,95
                                                                Amethyst Clarity Of Mind Bracelet
                                                                Regular price€76,95€47,95
                                                                  Tiger Eye Wisdom Bracelet
                                                                  Regular price€67,95€52,95
                                                                    Red Tiger Eye Mala
                                                                    Regular price€115,95€76,95
                                                                      Chrysocolla Tranquility Mala
                                                                      Regular price€134,95€78,95
                                                                        Obsidian with Hematide Grounding Mala
                                                                        Regular price€129,95€81,95
                                                                          Aventurine Stone Of Prosperity Bracelet
                                                                          Regular price€76,95€47,95
                                                                            Pink Agate Balance Mala
                                                                            Regular price€115,95€71,95
                                                                              Bone Mala
                                                                              Regular price€124,95€79,95
                                                                                Tiger Eye Warrior Bracelet
                                                                                Regular price€81,95€62,95
                                                                                  Honey Tiger Eye Bracelet
                                                                                  Regular price€76,95€49,95
                                                                                    Aquamarine Energy Of The Sea Mala
                                                                                    Regular price€129,95€82,95
                                                                                      Rhodochrosite The Heart Chakra Bracelet
                                                                                      Regular price€100,95€71,95
                                                                                        Agate Balance Mala
                                                                                        Regular price€115,95€78,95
                                                                                          Carnelian Creativity Mala
                                                                                          Regular price€115,95€75,95
                                                                                            Lava and Onyx Panther Head Bracelet
                                                                                            Regular price€100,95€67,95
                                                                                              Onyx with Om Mantra Carving Pixiu Feng Shui Bracelet
                                                                                              Regular price€94,95€62,95
                                                                                                7 Chakra Mala
                                                                                                Regular price€134,95€88,95
                                                                                                  Onyx with Tiger Eye and Citrine Divider Bracelet
                                                                                                  Regular price€71,95€48,95
                                                                                                    Dragon Vein Agate Mala
                                                                                                    Regular price€143,95€79,95
                                                                                                      7 Chakra Bracelet
                                                                                                      Regular price€67,95€45,95
                                                                                                        Chrysocolla Tranquility Bracelet
                                                                                                        Regular price€71,95€47,95
                                                                                                          Blue Agate Om Bracelet
                                                                                                          Regular price€76,95€52,95
                                                                                                            Naga Shell Mala
                                                                                                            Regular price€105,95€77,95
                                                                                                              Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet
                                                                                                              Regular price€62,95€43,95
                                                                                                                Malachite Mala
                                                                                                                Regular price€115,95€78,95
                                                                                                                  Rose Quartz Happiness Bracelet
                                                                                                                  Regular price€76,95€45,95
                                                                                                                    Vibrant Life Citrine Bracelet
                                                                                                                    Regular price€94,95€62,95

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