Kubera Thangka - Silk Framed

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Jambhala Hand Painted Fine Quality Hand Painted Canvas Cotton Tibetan Thangka From Nepal

Thangka With High Quality Silk Framed 

Size 83/55 cm

Material :canvas cotton, dust of gold, stone, combination

All done by hand Not A Print

Yellow Dzambhala represent the most popular embodiment of Dzambhala. Yellow Dzambhala is typically seated with his right leg in panhandle and left leg pulled in. Additionally, he is adorned with the crown and jewels of a Bodhisattva and has a large protruding stomach.

However, his most unique feature is his mongoose Nehulay that is always seen perched in his left hand. Nehulay represents Dzambhala’s subjugation of the nagas (snakes) and he is always spewing forth precious jewels and treasures. Additionally, in his right hand and at the base of the statue are medicinal citron fruits that have healing properties such as relieving fever.

Yellow Dzambhala is an emanation of Ratnasambhava and he can eliminate poverty in the 6 realms of samsara. Additionally, he can generate virtue, wisdom and long life for devotees.

White zamabala
White Dzambhala is born from the right eye of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva , also knowknown as the manifistation of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva . According to the sutra , his mantra can stop suffering , destroy bad karma and have a bodhichitta or mind . His mantra can also avert disaster and sickness . He also bring wealth to all sentient being by chants his mantra . Tibetan name is "Dzambhala Gapee " which means, white dzambhala . White Jambhala sits on a snow lion, although some artists depict him sitting on a dragon and in his left hand there is also a mongoose that spits out precious diamonds and ornaments.

Black zambala or kuber. 

Black Kubera is the manifistation of Buddha Akshobhaya . Black Kubera is also called as the chief of the five great Jambhalas as he is said to have given people wealth and happiness. He is also known as one of the hindu god of wealth, Kubera . Those who chant his mantra will get wealth and also if one have any kind wishes, he will also fufill it and bring happiness. Black Jambala has two mantra . Black jambala Uselly Standing upon corpse and holding Mongoose in his left hand and Kapala is in right hand. he is Black in color .

Red Jambhala
RED JAMBHALARed Jambhala is the manifisation of Vajrasattva . He has two faces and four arms and holds a treasury mongoose on his left hand. Tibetan name for him is “Dzambhala Mapo " If one chants his mantra sincerely , one will be protected by him and also gain wealth and one can lead a very good life and become popular . Red Ganpati also worshiped as Red Jambhala.

Green Jambhala
Green Jambhala is the manifestation of Amoghasiddhi Buddha , who is Green in colour . Green Dzambhala made a vow in front of Buddha Sakyamuni that he will protect anyone who chant his mantra or chant his name. When one has difficulties, it is best to chant sincerely in one's heart the mantra. This practice will enable all endeavors to be perfectly accomplished and purify all bad luck and obstacles, prevent theft, bad debts and loss of wealth.

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Kubera Thangka - Silk Framed

Kubera Thangka - Silk Framed

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